Digital Artifacts Creative apart from developing a great eCommerce website for us they also offered great consulting on how to run it, from payment procedures to order and stock management; making us feel sure that we can manage every possible scenario with confidence!

DANAI | mezzomezzofashion.com
The Brief

In order to expand their customer reach Mezzo Mezzo were seeking to develop an eCommerce website to accompany their brick and mortar shop. The goal was to create an easy to manage eShop where order and stock management workflows would not stand in the way; remaining true to their sophisticated approach and effectively showcasing their stunning collections of  womenswear collections, jewelry and accessories.

The Client

Mezzo Mezzo was founded in 1986 and is dedicated to high impact fashion, elegance and originality and is among the leading luxury fashion boutiques in Greece, famous for its unique selections.

The Mezzo Mezzo online destination remains true to our sophisticated approach, offering a selection of established designers and brands as well as young emerging talents and a unique selection of designer womenswear collections, jewelry and accessories.

The Services

» Consultancy & Digital Project Management
» Web Design – Development
» eCommerce
» Graphic Design – Web Graphics
» Brand Identity

The Project

A highly functional eCommerce site was developed with all the necessary settings that permits for easy shop management as also maintainability and expandability – two very important areas for eCommerce start-ups.

Moreover, we focused on making the order and stock management procedure as easy as possible, offering guidance to the Mezzo Mezzo team; while at the same time combining with an aesthetic outcome that complements the brand’s identity.

Layouts and templates were created mainly focusing on the easy update of the homepage using drag and drop functionality; whereas taking into account a defined-set marketing strategy.

The single product page permits for an easy add to cart workflow showcasing related and latest viewed products while the one page checkout provides the user with a seamless experience without over-complicating the procedure with unnecessary steps; thus focusing on usability and conversion.

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