Project Questionnaire

Let us know more about your project

The idea of this Project Questionnaire is to help you provide the information needed in order for us to provide an accurate Project Proposal based on your answers.

If there are any areas or questions that you don’t feel are relevant or to which you have no answer, don’t worry, just mark them with a ( – ) for now.

Please try to give accurate, thoughtful, detailed replies to the questions; we cannot stress how important this questionnaire is to providing a solid base from which we will interpret and understand what you need.

Your answers will help gain valuable insight on your company, the business you conduct, and your customers, as well as your tastes and personal preferences. Most importantly, your replies will help formulate the goals your new website will be required to achieve.

The following questionnaire, apart from the goal to help understand your needs and vision for your new website, is a helpful tool to reflect, analyze and take decisions on various issues that maybe have not been given the proper value so far.
Site content and future business goals most often come to the surface after completing the questionnaire, as also new needs that have to be addressed; so please dedicate the appropriate time on it.

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