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So you want to have a new business or e-Commerce website developed in order to promote your brand, services or goods but not sure what needs to be done and how to do it?

Maybe you already have an idea about how you can make improvements to your current website but would like some guidance and consulting on how to achieve this?

We can effectively help you and answer all your questions while also making additional suggestions and pointing out important issues and alternative solutions. Investing the time to understand our clients’ requirements and vision is the only way to deliver optimum results and this is rooted to our professional ethos.

We help businesses grow online & we love start-ups.
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I want to have a new website

If you are currently evaluating your options in order to have your new website developed please fill in the Project Questionnaire.

Please try to give accurate, thoughtful, detailed replies to the questions.

Your answers will help us gain valuable insight on your company, the business you conduct, and your customers, as well as your tastes and personal preferences.

Most importantly, your replies will help us formulate the goals your new website will be required to achieve while it will also help you understand more what your needs are.

I want to redesign my website

If you want to have your business or e-Commerce website redesigned or enhance it with more features, feel free to let us know exactly what you want or alternatively fill in the Project Questionnaire.

We will conduct a full Analytical Review of your current website in order to check its current performance.

Strengths and weaknesses are pin-pointed down while we will also carry a full in-depth analysis of your competitors and your online market place as a whole across all of the main digital marketing channels, to highlight potential areas of action.


Our creative-development methodology, quality assurance and established project management approach ensures all deliverables are on brief, time and budget.

Undoubtedly the biggest challenge for any project is to make sure that time, cost, scope and quality always stay equal.
Scope changes will always affect time and cost while time restrains will always affect quality; but being flexible and incorporating a plan B as also a crisis management strategy along with a positive collaboration with the client ensures that those unpredicted surprises will be managed successfully and even some times result in a positive way to the benefit of the final outcome.


During this phase, which is the starting point for any digital project of any scale, it is essential for us to understand, analyse and comprehend the idea, the project scope, the brand and the task that is going to be undertaken.

The key to this phase is research. In collaboration with you, time must be invested in researching the market, the competition and any existing collateral.

If you don’t have a Request For Proposal document available then our Project Questionnaire can be effectively used.

Functional, technical and aesthetical project requirements as also all the needed deliverables, must be described and established as much as possible; while all the necessary consulting is being made on the appropriate ways that the objectives of the project will be accomplished.

After the kick-off meeting, established objectives and expectations as also timescales, risks and success factors will ensure that the project will start in the most efficient manner.


Planning is based on further discussions on fixing completely how the project is going to be implemented in detail. Clarification of any queries is essential in order to produce clearly written specification documents .

The goal here is to produce a detailed functional and technical specification list defining user experience fundamentals, wireframes, user flows, design route and risk assessment that will permit for a finalised Project Proposal, that will include milestones, time-frames and deadlines as also an appropriate cost quote.

The final Project Proposal along with the Terms & Conditions document must be signed by the Client before the Production phase starts.


The Production phase is the build phase of the project; here is where the project comes to life. Using the output acquired from the Planning phase, designs are finalised, code is developed and content is added.


The complete website, after the last testing and debugging stage, is launched.

The magic moment!


Once a project has launched, this is rarely the end of the story. The first month is always considered as a free support live period; everything is monitored from crucial plugin and theme updates to Google Analytics and Web Master Tools accounts already assigned to the website, making sure that everything works exactly as in the date the site was delivered and launched.

Like anything in business, you cannot afford to stand still and this also applies with your website. We provide a comprehensive variety of support options to ensure that your website and eCommerce store will continue to run smoothly and efficiently serve its role to the maximum; staying always updated to the latest trends of the always evolving, dynamic nature of modern web design.

Moreover, whether you’ve discovered a problem, want to consider something new or simply want to pick a technical brain and in need of support,we will always be available to chat, at the end of the phone or face to face. We build relationships that last and going the extra mile for our clients comes naturally.

Is Awesome

During the past years we have resulted in mainly using WordPress to successfully create and deliver demanding business and e-Commerce websites.

There is an array of valid reasons to prove the superiority of WordPress regarding many aspects, most importantly focused on the development and management of a digital project.

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WooCommerce utilises native WordPress functionality to keep the codebase lightweight, secure and reliable. This is currently the most thorough-bred e-Commerce toolkit delivering enterprise-level quality & top notch features.

A thriving community surrounds & supports WooCommerce while there are thousands of businesses and individuals using, extending & contributing new features on a daily basis.

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