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Your website is your chance to tell the world who you are, establish a great reputation and show off what you do best. Above all, it’s your chance to sell your products or services, enhance your brand awareness and make a noticeable stand in your industry.

Our goal is to always find the proper solution that provides balanced online selling options to our clients with a sensible total cost that permits for business growth. Now, you don’t have to invest a fortune on your online shop!

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Our goal is to always find the proper solution that provides balanced online selling options to our clients with a sensible total cost that permits for business growth. Now, you don’t have to invest a fortune on your online shop!

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On Your Business

We understand what it takes to sell online and we commit to delivering an outstanding Return of Investment.

We are dedicated to working with exciting and emerging brands to deliver conversion optimised online stores with a budget-savvy awareness that don’t break the bank and can grow along with your business.

Now you don’t have to spend a fortune
to start selling online!

On Your Customers

We firmly believe in the power to captivate a consumer audience with a design led digital experience. This is backed up by the latest technology enabling the greatest ease and functionality to each online store matched with aesthetics that your customers will love.

Our customer driven approach focuses on maximising the conversion potential of existing traffic alongside strategy and advice for generating new traffic.

Your customers will
love your online store!

On Expandability

Multi-channel eCommerce solutions require agile integrations to connect your online store with expandability features, such as integrating your online business with POS & ERP software of your choice.

We undertake bespoke, fast and reliable integrations with multiple 3rd party providers. A selection of our integration capabilities include; SagePay, PayPal, Netsuite, Google Product Listing Ads, Royal Mail, DPD, UPS, Instagram, Feefo, UPS, DPD, dotMailer, LinkShare, BrightPearl, Webgains, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Google Tag Manager and many more.

Expand your eCommerce store at your own pace!

on Management

Easily manage your products and your eShop’s settings using the most intuitive user interface found on an eCommerce toolkit.

With a variety of options from different payment gateways to shipping options, reporting and stock management, everything is as easily manageable as possible.

Manage your eCommerce store with ease!

all you'll ever need from your eCommerce site

eCommerce Features

A successful sale starts long before someone clicks buy. The journey towards the destination is vital and in the world of the web and eCommerce; the look, feel and experience of navigating your products, content and site means everything.


Store-front Features

provide a great user-experience

WooCommerce comes with a lot of handy features built in and out-of-the-box, but with the hundreds of available extensions, the possibilities are endless. The store-front features aka the ones that the customers are facing and interacting with provide an amazing user-friendly experience.

Our eCommerce solution makes it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for.

Products can be organized by categories, brands, new arrivals, sale items or anything else you can dream up.

Products can be grouped together in packages, allowing consumers to get a discount when multiple items are purchased.

You also have the ability to tag your products using keywords that might be of interest to your shoppers. This can be very helpful for example when consumers like to shop by a particular kind of material such as cotton or line.

We understand how consumers shop, and will help you organize your website so that it makes sense to your visitors and drive sales to your online store.

Using filtering your customers can find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently, based on different attributes such as colour, size, brand etc. while also filter products based on price with the handy price slider.

An ultimate user-friendly feature increasing user experience factor and site stickiness; allowing site visitors to easily find what they seek among the product range.

Encourage customers to share your products with their friends via social media with the easy implementation of ShareThis.

You can even incentivise sharing by offering discounts via Share your Cart.

Product review system is a very useful feature and is most easy to use and manage.

You can even reward your reviewers with discounts that they can use in their next purchase, adding one more asset to your Online Marketing Strategy.

Fewer checkout steps are proven to increase conversions; full-stop.

Allow customers to check out quickly and efficiently with the ultimate distraction-free one-page-checkout which includes real-time form validation.

A feature that when it first came up caused a lot of noise for its pioneering approach to a step-free checkout process, which we were backing up 100% straight from the start.

Now who remembers checkout pages with 5 steps?

Your customers can log in and easily manage their orders and details in the convenient account panel.

Who doesn’t like to add items to their Wishlist and share them with family and friends via social media or email?

With our eCommerce solution Wishlist feature comes straight out of the box so your customers can do just that!

The QuickView feature allows visitors to add items to their bag without ever having to leave the main shopping page.

Clicking on QuickView shows the product and all options in a light-box directly on the page. Shoppers can either decide to add the item to their bag or they can quickly close the window to see the details of the next product that interest them.

A handy design feature that increases usability and makes browsing your product listing in detail as easy as ever.


Back-end Features

ease of use like never before

Managing an eCommerce store can be tough but with a versatile and expandable suite of features this is a breeze; from products and orders management, shipping and tax options to payment gateways and reporting everything is customisable to your needs and your business.

Easily manage your simple, variable and digital products in the most intuitive user interface found on an eCommerce toolkit. Each product can be assigned to multiple categories and tags and have its own SKU and ID number along of course with its price or sale price.

You can also assign Store Managers to handle the day to day management of your store by creating user roles with different permissions and having different parts of your team collaborating with no problem.

It’s so easy to use, we are sure everyone in your team will find it a joy to work with.

Whether you’re looking for flat rate, free shipping or even international shipping, we have you covered. Or maybe you want to integrate with a specific shipping carrier or provide table rate shipping tables for more specific shipping costs, you can do that too.

You can also use various methods including shipping classes to create intricate shipping rules, depending on the weight and dimensions of your products and the shipping destinations.

When it comes to options for shipping, our eCommerce solution gives you all the options you need.

Run complex coupon campaigns offering a range of discount options, usage limits and product or user restrictions as well as free shipping, with a hassle-free coupon management system.

A great way to run efficient marketing schemes and promote your products with ease with guaranteed results.

After all who doesn’t like a nice discount?

Configure comprehensive tax settings with tax classes and local tax rates, covering all tax-related needs even for international orders.

Our eCommerce solution mark-up adheres to Schema vocabulary to fully assist your search engine rankings and is, of course written in fully semantic HTML5 mark-up.

Furthermore, each product can be assigned its own focus keyword and specified meta-description, boosting its ranking performance in all major search engines and of course Google.

Along with a defined online marketing strategy this can only lead to increased impressions, click-through and conversion rate.

A variety of Payment Gateway methods can also be implemented based on your needs, from Direct Bank Transfer and Cheque Payment to accepting all major debit/credit cards (using PayPal, SagePay or Google Wallet and not only) to even offering an offline option payment to your customers.

With our eCommerce solution you can have multiple payment options (direct or indirect) available for your customers while combined with SSL certificate and/or PCI/DSS Compliance when needed, your customer’s credit card information will be safe and secure.

If you’re not measuring the performance of your website and the products that are selling, how can you truly be successful?

Our eCommerce solution offers a thorough look at your store’s performance, right in your dashboard interface.

You can drill down to check out reports per month, per product category or even per individual product with CSV export options.

Easy to understand and beautiful to look at, comprehensive graphs and metrics will give you the necessary insight to your overall sales, top sellers and more data so that you can plan for the future.

onwards with continuous improvement

Google Focused

From needed metrics and reports in order to evaluate KPIs to sitemaps and crawl errors; Google provides necessary tools, the correct set up and use of them ensure the success of your online presence.


Google Analytics
& eCommerce Monitoring

Set your website with Google Analytics (GA) and have increased monitoring of metrics with custom goals tracked and custom reports generated. It's essential to measure the performance of your website and evaluate its metrics so you can make educated decisions in order to adjust your marketing strategy and optimise everything accordingly.

If you cannot measure it correctly then you cannot maximise it. GA out of the box does not provide with the needed data that can be acquired when custom goals (e.g. Completed Sales) and custom reports (e.g. Highest Performing Referral Sources) are configured. A properly set GA account provides the head start you need for online success!

If you cannot measure it correctly then you cannot maximise it. A properly set GA account provides the head start you need for online success!

Google Search Console
& Site Sitemap

Set your website with Google Search Console (ex Webmaster Tools) and have a properly configured sitemap ensuring that Google indexes your content. A sitemap is essential to let Google know what pages you have on your website and how to find them so they can rank successfully.

A properly configured sitemap submitted through your personal Google Search Console account ensures higher Search ranking results. Get data, tools and diagnostics for a healthy, Google-friendly site. Tasks completed for WordPress based sites include: Installation and configuration of SEO plugin – sitemap activation – Google Search Console configuration and Sitemap submission.

Get data, tools and diagnostics for a healthy, Google-friendly site.

Google My Business
& Listing

Get your business found in Google local results along with a map and valuable info for your customers with Google My Business and increase conversion. Google My Business is becoming more and more important with the continuous expansion of mobile usage and local search, as Google is listing local results even higher in the listings for relevant keywords.

Be found on Google Search, Maps, Google+ and mobile devices. Give customers the right information about your business by updating your contact information, hours and more. Understand customer feedback and respond to reviews as the official business owner.

You will show up more in Google leading to increased impressions and click-through rates and of course conversion!


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